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Digital Lecture Studio for BPO/Call centers

The objective of setting up Digital Lecture Studio in the BPO sector is to facilitate them in carrying on the induction process and the general and process specific trainings of the new hire efficiently and economically. This can be done by recording not only the induction, general and various process specific training session but the entire training experience and broadcast it simultaneously or package and store it for reference and reuse in future or publish it on the local or web based network. This platform further facilitates the trainer to edit and update the session if needed. As this is the sector where the movement of employees is fastest thereby involving the major chunk of capital in preparing and training the candidates to get on their heels.

BPO is a sector which needs to adopt the Digital Lecture Studio at the earliest. This is fastest growing sector with the highest turnover and where the employees keep changing at the fastest pace. Training each batch of new hires and preparing them to hit the floor is a very cumbersome procedure that involves lots of capital and efforts of the industry. To help them overcome this hassle VISIONet introduces them the Digital Lecture Studio which will help them in the following aspects:-

  • Helps in conducting the induction sessions, wherein the detailed movie of the formalities to be done can help the new comer to understand the procedure much better and quicker than the trainer explaining it every time, thereby cutting down the need for a trainer every time a new batch comes in.
  • Helps in accelerating the new hire training sessions.
  • Helps in conducting the process specific trainings without the constant presence of a trainer.
  • Gives new hire the confidence to hit the floor as they have the training sessions recorded with them which they can review where they feel they are stuck.
  • Facilitates the conduction of the training of specialised tools like- SAP, Siebel.
  • Helps understand the working concepts like that of the Six Sigma more vividly.
  • Minimize follow-up questions by empowering employees to take notes and search text within recordings.
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