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Preserve effort and enhance learning process

A teacher needs to involve a considerable segment of the work in preparing oneself for taking a class on a particular topic. All these work require planning and organization that has to be made well in advance. DLS is a very agile and comprehensive methodology which will help the teachers' preserve all the efforts made in preparing the lecture by automatically recording not only the lecture but the entire classroom experience. The teacher can further review the recorded piece and edit it and save it in the desired format. As teaching and learning is a continuous process, teacher, by viewing his/her own recording can find out the areas where he/she has to improve upon while delivering a lecture and evolve himself/herself as a better teacher.

Review the classroom experience on your convenience

The students too put in their full energy to understand and assimilate the concept by attending the class, taking down notes and clarifying doubts. But when the student sits to review the topic, almost the same amount of efforts goes in recollecting the concept and the session of the classroom. With the DLS methodology at their disposal, the students can review the classroom experience anywhere, any time, many time, whenever they like.

No reworking

If the same topic has to be taught to the other class or batch, the same lecture can be used. This saves the teachers from re-working and provides the re-usability of content material.

Abides by the real time ICT strategic framework

We aim at achieving greater efficacy and competence in devising, developing, implementing by using real time ICT strategic framework in sustaining the education based on a user-focused approach. DLS works for creating a more learner-centric education system transcending organizational precincts. Wherein the students’ have increasing access to outstanding content material. Thereby drawing the students towards engaging, decisive learning, and enabling them in making good progress.

Overcoming the limitations and problems of Smart classrooms

A whole lot of new teaching methodologies, like the Smart Class, have been adopted by the educational institutions but still the concept remains un-understood most of the times. This is due to the incomplete teaching and learning cycle. There are certain drawbacks in this teaching and learning methodology that has to be realized. To overcome all these problems and to carry on the classes efficiently, VISIONet has come up with DLS, a unique teaching capturing and delivery platform which enables the teacher to teach smartly.

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