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Digital Lecture Studio for Health

The objective of setting up Digital Lecture Studio in the health sector is to further furnish the sector that ought to adopt the technological advancements at the earliest for their smooth and efficient functioning. This platform will help them in recording not just the expert’s advices, meetings and the like but the entire experience which can be of great benefit and can be used for reference any time in future. This will in turn help them in creating a repository of corporate knowledge which can be used for training their employees. This recorded piece can be further packaged and published on the local or web based network or stored for reference or reuse in future. Thereby helping them in bringing all the experts on a unified platform and to an extent compensates for the lack or absence of experts.

Hospitals have been adopting modern technologies to facilitate their healthcare process. We at VISIONet extend this Digital Lecture Studio to the Health sector to further facilitate them in the following aspects:-

  • Record the experts suggestions/advices /lectures that can be accessed as and when we require.
  • Helps in conducting the training sessions for new staffs, wherein the same stuff ahs to be repeated again and again.
  • Helps provide tele-medicine facility.
  • Facilitates in continuing the medical education.
  • Records pre and post-operation instruction.
  • Record mock patient-physician sessions.
  • Educate heath care workers on diseases, procedures and current health threats.
  • Showcase the benefits of specific treatments by recording patient success stories.
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