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Digital Lecture Studio for Corporate

The objective of setting up Digital Lecture Studio in the corporate is to help them function smoothly by allowing them to work specifically by paying great attention on the intricate details. We hereby attempt to make their endeavors hassle free by facilitating them to record not only their board meetings, seminars, press conferences and in fact the corporate communication but the entire experience which can be of great benefit and can be used for reference any time in future. This will in turn help them create a repository of corporate knowledge which can be used to training their employees. This recorded piece can be further packaged and published on the local or web based network or stored for reference or reuse in future.

Corporate involves a lots of employees in their functioning. Their work is specific wherein intricate details has to be taken care of. To help them function smoothly and with greater efficiency VISIONet provides to them the Digital lecture studio, that can help them in numerous ways:-

  • Record the complete corporate communication that can be re-used as and when needed.
  • Record press conferences and board meeting sessions.
  • Record HR training, interviews/candidate selection criteria.
  • Record sales training and presentations.
  • Helps in the product reviews, tutorials and service demonstrations.
  • Helps in the collaboration of researches done.
  • Facilitates customer service/FAQ’s and technical tips.
  • Functions as key in designing the on-demand training sessions.
  • Recording of the presentation or demonstration of products helps attract more leads and bring in new businesses.
  • As the movie file once made can also be broadcast on the net so posting product videos on the Web site and social network becomes a hassle free task.
  • Create a repository of corporate knowledge by recording and archiving training sessions for future reference and viewing as and on convenience.
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