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Digital Lecture Studio for Franchise Network

The objective of Digital Lecture Studio introduced by Visionet is to help franchise network manage multiple institutes efficiently by standardizing the quality of trainings delivered and knowledge shared regardless of the lack or absence of expert faculty. The online demonstration of products helps clarify the concepts in a better way there by moderating the product training and demonstration sessions efficiently. Furthermore, the facility of online demonstration instills leadership qualities in the students and boosts their confidence. We hereby attempt to make their endeavors hassle free by facilitating them to record not only their product demonstration, instruction, training sessions and lecture but the entire experience which can be of great benefit and can be used for reference any time in future. This will in turn help them create a repository of knowledge which can be used to training their employees. This recorded piece can be further packaged and published on the local or web based network or stored for reference or reuse in future.

  • Standardizes training by providing same training lectures in all the centers.
  • Facilitates the management trainings by being able to throw adequate light on all the topics.
  • Product training can be very efficiently given through the visuals as all the learners will be able to get a clear view of the entire demonstration thereby strengthening their concepts.
  • Live product demonstration facilitates quality empowerment at fresh centers.
  • Helps in compensating for the lack or absence of expert faculty.
  • Online product demonstration facility boosts the confidence of the students thereby instilling market leadership in them.
  • Makes the entire operation very cost effective by curtailing the travelling expenses for conducting training sessions and giving product demonstrations.
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