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Now in order to make the educational solution complete in itself it can be integrated with other solutions. They are:

800+ Curriculum based courses


The integration of this methodology with the Digital Library gives teaches the availability of 800+ extensive curriculum based multimedia content material from where they can choose the content required and make a lesson plan before they go for taking a class.



For getting the reporting of the entire administration on a unified platform for easy access of information.

Reporting System


Tracking the no. of students logged in, no. of viewers for a particular lecture, track the growing likeliness for the lectures of a particular teacher and the like.

e-learning (CMS, LMS)


After the teacher has the recorded lecture in hand, he/she can package it by editing and deleting the unwanted frames and can integrate with any other file and key point bookmark the sub-topics as well to facilitate students reach the exact point when they search for it. Furthermore, the teacher can also convert the classroom experience into an online e-learning course with the help of CMS.

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