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Digital Lecture Studio for Teachers

There are several problems that the teacher usually faces in the black bloard and smart classrooms. This new technology has been evolved to overcome those limitations and problems:-

Eye contact while teaching

Teacher cannot keep track of the student’s activity while he/she is writing on the board as his/her back faces the student then but with this technology you can always have an eye contact with the student, even while writing in the digital pad or explaining concepts.

Complete delivery of content

Teacher while taking a class might skip or miss some vital information relating to the topic being taught, if the lecture is recorded, teacher can see the points he/she has missed upon and can add them in sequence while packaging.

Reuse of lectures

Lecture once delivered or training once given can be captured, packaged and reused as and when needed.

Quality education in remote areas

Teaching cannot be carried on efficiently in places where there is lack of expert faculty. But with this methodology live lecture can be broadcast simultaneously while being delivered or can be recorded, packaged and made available for the students in the remotest of areas.

Comprehensive demonstrations of practical’s

Difficult concepts can be explained very comprehensively through the DLS. Teacher first has to teach the theory and then go on to lab for demonstrating it experimentally. Through the DLS the lab experiments along with the live lab environment can be recorded and the teacher can demonstrate with the help of it and if the teacher feels like adding in some points he/she can pause the movie and add in the necessary point. This saves in the effort of teachers and the facilitates the student to review it again and again on their convenience.

Retention of Interest

What happens generally while the teacher is demonstrating something in the lab is that the students in front are able to view and understand the concept but the ones at the back loose their interest in the subject matter. But when the experiment along with the live lab environment is recorded and showed all the students can see it clearly and build their concepts.

Better hold of teacher over the class

Teacher can thereby invest more time on the students allowing them to do the hands-on, that can be assuring for the teacher that what the students have grasped and where they are lacking.

Little knowledge of technology is enough

In the entire process teacher need not be tech-savvy. Just the basic knowledge that is given to the teacher while implementation training sessions suffices.

Novelty in teachers role

A teacher usually keeps on repeating the same lessons and concepts again and again thereby fostering monotony in their lives and profession. With the aid of this technology teacher can evolve novel teaching methodologies and gather new insights on the concepts being delivered.

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